Sunburn, Beer pong and a fourth quarter showcase by Manning: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants 16th Sept 2012


I’m back from New Jersey and it was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had!

For a look back at the game there is a good article here:

A look back at the Giants’ 41-34 win against the Buccaneers

I got to the tailgate at about 8am and wandered around for an hour or so before approaching a group to see if I could buy a beer. I made the right choice! The guys that I met gave me the beer, and many more and fed me all morning until kickoff. I couldn’t have met a nicer group of fans. They made my trip.

Mike, Joe, Chris & Jaime – the four best people in the world to tailgate with before a game

We played Beer-Pong (a complex game that I won’t go into here) all morning, ate great food and generally laughed away the morning until kickoff:

Joe teaching me the nuances of Beer Pong

Chatting about Giants football and catching the sun

I arrived in the stadium (merry from plenty of lager) in time for the National Anthem. My seat in row 1 was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have been closer to the field and when the ball was at the far end the HD screens were just like watching on TV so you didn’t miss a moment. They even had NFL Redzone highlights on of other games during the TV timeouts.

A rather sunburnt me in MetLife stadium during the game.

Andre Brown (Running Back) awaits the opening kickoff. After Ahmad Bradshaw’s injury Brown carried the load for the Giants and averaged 5.5yards per carry and a TD.

The view from my seat as Brown celebrates his TD late in the 4th to give the Giants their lead.

A professional photo of the same celebration

The Giants celebrate another TD

The Giants D gets to work in the 4th quarter after tying the game

Eli throws a toss to rookie first round pick David Wilson in the 3rd quarter.

The next day’s New York Post celebrating Eli’s record breaking day

One final word on the replacement referees; there seemed to be a lot of contact and holding by Corner-backs on receivers down the field and very few flags. At least one of these led to an interception and others led to big missed plays. The NFL needs to get it together and get a deal done to get the real refs back on the field – and they need it done quickly.


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