NY Daily News Game Report Cowboys @ Giants 5th Sept 2012

Season Opening Game Report by Ebenezer Samuel & Kristie Ackert

I’ll blog my thoughts later in the week when I recover from being so tired and disappointed. Still, next time the Giants take the field I can show my support for them in person.



My article for Second City Fanatics following Week 3 of the pre-season:

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Giants Training Camp Report 7th August 2012

Giants Training Camp Report 7th August 2012 by Ralph Vacchiano, New York Daily News



Thoughts from the Hall of Fame Game: Saints @ Cardinals 5th August 2012


Saints Offense

The Saints offensively haven’t missed a beat despite their tumultuous off-season. 10 of their 11 starting players returned from 2011. The first (and only) drive by Drew Brees was a clinic. Good quick ball control passes, screens, swing passes and short hooks.

I don’t think I’ve seen a team with better depth at running back, they all looked hellishly fast and they are stacked with at least four runners who could be classed as starters.

Backup Chase Daniels looked solid at QB leading the Saints. You could tell he’s been learning from Brees. He knew when to scramble, when to stand ‘tall’ (he’s only 6-foot) in the pocket and made good decisions including switching to a ‘smoke’ play (changing a run to a quick pass after the snap).

Saints Defense

The unit which was missing its captain in Jonathan Vilma looked solid and well coached (Steve Spagnulo knows what he’s doing). Against the abysmal Kolb-led offense though it is hard to tell whether the ‘D’ were playing well or the Cardinals were sputtering.

Cardinals Offense

Kolb looked to be uncomfortable, his line didn’t afford him much protection (eventually resulting in an injury that ended his day), but he looked like he wanted to roll-out and leave the pocket before any pressure was close. The injury has to be a concern – he seems to pick them up easily. I also didn’t like his attitude, clearly frustrated and in pain but he refused to shake John Skelton’s hand when he came onto the field.

Skelton looked like the better QB (once he got into a rhythm). He had ‘zip’ on the ball, made good decisions (for the most part) and good throws. The TD drive he led looked impressive.


In conclusion though the QBs ranked in order for the day were really:


I’d have thought that with a strong pre-season Daniels won’t do his chances of a good contract any harm at all. Very impressive- certainly I’m sure the Cards may be interested in a trade for him next season if they don’t sort their issues out at signal caller!


New York Giants Training Camp Report 4th August 2012

Training camp update from Mike Garafolo of